Barrie Wild - Actor and Voice-over Artist - Photos, Voice Demo and Resume -

Barrie Wild in Weather Outside


Barrie Wild was born and raised on Glasgow's tough south side, he says his earliest memories are of the rough existence and the shattered homes and lives of the residents of the notorious Gorbals, almost wholly destroyed by Hitler's bombers during the Blitz yet still standing stark and raw during the late 1950's when Barrie was just a wee boy. Escaping the youth gangs of Glasgow to London in the early seventies, and after having lost jobs in printing and journalism during the then recession, he participated in early experimental theater with Pip Simmonds Theatre Group and witnessed such radical efforts as The People Show in that post-hippie phase which predated the UK Punk Music era of the mid 70's.

Firmly convinced then, that music was the more powerful weapon of change in a world gone mad with war and greed, he hacked out a career as a bassist and vocalist which saw him playing large crowds at festivals and on the college and pub circuit around the south of England. By 1987 he had moved to the US and was back again with theatre and now working in film, mostly behind the scenes while mastering lighting, scenery building, props and other technical aspects of the performing arts.